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Silicone Teething Products

What are they made of?

They are made of 100% foodgrade silicone. Silicone is durable, tasteless, heat-resistant, anti-microbial, very easy to clean and just perfect for teething.

Where are they made?

All our teething jewelries are designed and handmade in the USA. Our materials and silicone teethers are ethically made from a BSCI-compliant manufacturer in China. They get audited to ensure they adhere to BSCI's strict "Code of Conduct".

Are they safe?

YES! We only use FDA-approved silicone that are free from BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Lead, Cadmium and other toxic substances. They are tested safe and so are the cords.  

Can my baby break the jewelry?

The cords are made of nylon and might not be the fanciest-looking kind but they work best for teething jewelries. Nylon is very durable, dries fast (so slobber dries up fast) and does not harbor molds. 
For added safety, all our teething jewelry comes with a breakaway clasp. If your baby pulls or tugs too hard, it will breakaway so it becomes less of a choking hazard. 

Why are your necklaces not fully-beaded?

It's designed that way to prevent your hair from getting tangled. Trust us, it's not pretty and can be painful.

Can I freeze them?

Yes, you can! However, they won't stay very cold like teethers with freezable liquids. We use solid silicone beads and teethers for safety reasons.  

What if my child is no longer teething?

Our toddler necklaces are perfect for pretend play. We have fun colors and styles that your little fashionistas will surely love. You don't ever have to worry about rust, toxic plastics and other nasty stuff from other toddler jewelries out there. 

How do you clean them?

Wash them with mild dish soap and warm water, especially at first use. You may also put them in the dishwasher but top rack only. A dishwasher basket is highly recommended. Please read "Safety & Care" for more information. 


SAFETY CAUTION: As with any other jewelry and most baby products, ADULT SUPERVISION is REQUIRED. Also, our teething jewelry should not be worn while sleeping. Buyer assumes full responsibility. 


Other Products

Where are they made?
Some products are proudly Made in the USA. Others are imported from different countries.

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Yes, we do! The shipping duration will differ per country.
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Only orders placed within the state of Kentucky are subject to sales tax.